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We are a data-driven organization that thoroughly examines all facets of your Accounts Payable data to discover duplicate and undue payments.

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We help you recover lost profits and provide insights into Accounts Payable process improvements. Every organisation wants to make a well-thought expenditure. But often this is hard to achieve, even with an accounting team on board. Therefore, an Accounts Payable Recovery Audit is an absolute must for every organisation. SpendLab Recovery specializes in recovering missed liquidity for our clients on a no cure, no pay basis. We believe that impactful things happen when you bring amazing people and clever technology together. Hence, with support from 100+ specialists in the fields of data, accounting, and procurement, SpendLab’s proprietary platform uses over 450 algorithms and helps to centralize a large number of Accounts Payable datasets from numerous financial systems to identify irregularities or findings, recover millions in lost profits and improve future efficiencies and processes. 

Our services

Undue Payments

SpendLab Recovery uses its proprietary platform to identify all potential duplicate/wrong payments, which otherwise would have ended up losing your business millions.

Deductible Tax

Correct VAT processing is a major challenge for the everyday operations of businesses. Unseen flaws in ERP systems and processes can result in VAT overpayments that could cost your organization millions in lost profit. 

Balance Reconciliation

The process of reconciling supplier statements tends to be heavily manual, inefficient and time consuming.
In our service balance reconciliation, we request a statement of account from your suppliers.

Open Accounts Payable

SpendLab Recovery’s Open Accounts Payable service is the categorization of everything that is open and outstanding in vendor’s accounts payable.

"The findings from the study of SpendLab not only led to an attractive cash-in, they also gave us additional insight into internal areas for improvement in the field of administrative organization and internal control"

Hans Tuytel, Finance Manager (2020), Blokker

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