Deductible Tax

Correct VAT processing is a significant challenge for the day-to-day operations of businesses. Unseen flaws in ERP systems and processes can result in VAT overpayments that could cost your organization millions in lost profit. SpendLab Recovery is leading the way in VAT analysis which is rapidly becoming a vital pillar in any major audit, providing better insight into processes, helping to recover lost profits and minimizing future spending.


Outsmart the spending cycle with SpendLab

Thanks to our internally designed software APRA (Accounts Payable Recovery Analyzer) and a dedicated team with expertise in this ever-changing field, we can offer you reliable advice thus guaranteeing maximum recovery and VAT compliance.

We offer solutions to detect oversights such as:

  1. Incorrect VAT determination in ERP systems, such as VAT that has been partially or totally missed and non-existing VAT rates
  2. Incorrect VAT determination by suppliers, such as VAT not accounted for under the reverse charge mechanism, and incorrect VAT rate charges
  3. Incorrect VAT entries due to rate changes
  4. Ineffective use of an ERP system for a supplier who offers services in multiple countries and invoices locally
  5. Exchange rate issues​


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