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      Gain full insights into the VAT process of your organization.

      Identify and correct outstanding and unknown balances within the accounts payable recovery audit.

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Recovery Audits
for Governments

Get full insight in and control over your financial processes with SpendLab’s AI and ML powered Recovery Audit. This innovative technology with a light human touch leads to minimal time investment and recovery rates 30-40% above industry standards.


The challenge for (semi) Governments

The range of tasks of (semi)governmental institutions has expanded considerably since 2015 due to the decentralization of governmental tasks. This means that the pressure on staff has increased as more tasks have to be carried out. This means that (semi)governmental institutions have to be more agile and resilient. After all, it is is expected to perform the range of tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible while meeting high (financial) quality requirements.

To meet all quality requirements, it is important that your organization is ‘in control’ and can effectively adjust processes based on data. Insights into (financial) data enables your organization to act lawfully. This ensures improved grip on the primary and supporting processes. The need for data-driven management information is higher than ever before.

A future-proof (semi)government institution is ‘in control’ and makes decisions based on available data. Organizing controls requires expertise. SpendLab has gained significant experience in accounts payable recovery audits and is more than willing to help. We enable you to obtain management information and gain control of the financial processes based on your own data. The result is the creation of financial resources and streamlined processes that can be used within your organizationit 

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SpendLab is fully focused on its clients. Read directly how our recovery audits helped them to identify undue payments, recover missed profits and prevent future risks.

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