Get the most out of your financial data. Identify payment errors, incorrectly processed VAT and missed profits based on more than 450 propriatory algorithms and advanced analytics.


The challenge for Hospitals

Hospitals help clients and patients live as healthy as possible. By doing so, it is crucial that healthcare professionals can provide high-quality care undisturbed and in line with the wishes and needs of those receiving their care. However, realizing healthy operations does not always prove to be feasible in practice. Increasing financial pressures cause certain choices to be made at the expense of employees, clients and patients. 

Your Hospital in Control

SpendLab helps national and international hospitals with identifying and recovering undue payments, correcting incorrectly processed VAT and reducing future risks in the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process. In total, recovery audits have been carried out at 80% of the Dutch hospitals (both regional and academic) and we are currently expanding throughout Europe.


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SpendLab is fully focused on its clients. Read directly how our recovery audits helped them to identify undue payments, recover missed profits and prevent future risks.

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