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Get the most out of your financial data. Identify payment errors, incorrectly processed VAT and missed profits based on more than 450 propriatory algorithms and advanced analytics for private organizations.

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Private organizations today face a wide range of challenges. This creates a direct need to improve relationships with partners and suppliers. The basis for improving these relationships is utilizing the available financial data, clear process descriptions and having clarity on the different roles of stakeholders. 

Using more than 450 algorithms, we help your organization with identifying and recovering risks and undue payments, gaining full control over all outgoing cash flows and reducing payment risks in order to prevent them in the future. In addition to getting insights in the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process, your organization will receive full insights into supplier behaviour.

Missed profits from supplier and administrative errors that would otherwise go unnoticed can now be used effectively elsewhere in the organization.

SpendLab works for a wide range of clients in multiple sectors: Banking, Retail, Construction, Chemical, Transport and Logistics, Telecom, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Private Equity and food.

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Identification and recovery of undue payments

Correction and recovery of incorrectly processed VAT

Advanced risk detection based on more than 450 algorithms

Full insight into all outgoing cash flows

 24/7 access to your own customer portal

Case studies​

SpendLab is fully focused on its clients. Read directly how our recovery audits helped them to identify undue payments, recover missed profits and prevent future risks.

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