Undue Payments

SpendLab Recovery uses its proprietary platform to identify all potential duplicate/wrong payments, which otherwise would have ended up losing your business millions. Our extensive experience in Accounts Payable undue payment recovery allows us to cut through the vast pool of potential hits, and identify only those items with the greatest likelihood of profit recovery.


Outsmart the spending cycle with SpendLab

We will seek out any undue payments, as well as a range of other unintentional payments, which would otherwise have remained hidden in your suppliers’ bank accounts. SpendLab Recovery will identify the underlying causes for undue payments, recover your lost profits and provide you with advice on process improvements to prevent future losses. Our people and technology collaborate to do all the work, so you don’t have to.

We offer solutions to detect costly oversights such as

Incorrect Payments

Duplicate/double Payments

Wrong Currency Payments


Some unique conditions included in our analysis:

  1. Special characters in invoice number
  2. Transposition errors
  3. Fat finger errors (insertion or elimination of characters)
  4. Small differences in amount
  5. Leading or trailing zeros in invoice number
  6. Differences in transaction dates


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