Undue payments

Do you ever receive spontaneous payments from suppliers and other creditors into your bank account? Are the margins on projects negative and do they turn out to have been overpaid? Are you sure that you have not paid any duplicate invoices?

The recovery of undue payments is one aspect of the accounts payable recovery audit of SpendLab. Within the accounts payable recovery audit, SpendLab uses its own platform with more than 450 algorithms to identify and subsequently recover all risks in the payment process from and to suppliers. The risks include:

  • Duplicate payments
  • Undue payments
  • Incorrect or incorrectly booked VAT
  • Outstanding balances
  • Missed discounts
  • Fraudulant activities

Our extensive experience in recovering undue payments allows us to analyze vast amounts of data and identify paid invoices that can then be recovered.

Gain control of payments to and from suppliers

We detect all undue payments, as well as a range of other unintended payments that would otherwise have remained hidden in your suppliers’ bank accounts. SpendLab identifies the root causes of undue payments, recovers your lost profits, and advises you on process improvements to prevent future losses.¬†

Liquidity from suppliers and other creditors that would otherwise remain hidden can now be used for effective business purposes.

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