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Visualization of your AP recovery process

In the video, you will find that a clear explanation is given about how we work with PowerBI to visualize your AP data and how this supports our services. Besides, we show how our continuously improved Accounts Payable Recovery Analyzer (APRA) platform is used and presented to our clients. How

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The transition towards Accounts Payable Specialists

A decade ago, we started the transition towards a technological driven company with the focus on  Accounts Payable (AP) recovery. This targeted focus helped us gain the knowledge to become experts in this specific financial field. Together with our own developed Accounts Payable Recovery Analyzer (APRA) and a total of

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SpendLab Recovery receives CFO Tech Outlook certification!

We are very proud that CFO Tech Outlook awarded SpendLab Recovery with the certificate ‘TOP Accounts Payable and Receivable solution providers in Europe – 2021’; the annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Accounts Payable and Receivable solutions and transforming businesses. As a follow-up, SpendLab’s

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SpendLab acquires S-DNA

In the past period SpendLab Recovery and SupplierDNA, better known under the name S-DNA, have entered into a partnership that has led to the acquisition of S-DNA by SpendLab. Clients and licensees of both organizations have seen a significant growth in results for the past several months due to the

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Lisbon, 03 August 2020 – Group Your, Your Advisory and SpendLab Recovery, the game changer in accounts payable, are proud to announce the signing and establishment of an international partnership to help and reinforce their commitment to supporting company’s managements. The combination of SpendLab’s rigorous accounts payable analysis and control

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