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SpendLab acquires S-DNA

In the past period SpendLab Recovery and SupplierDNA, better known under the name S-DNA, have entered into a partnership that has led to the acquisition of S-DNA by SpendLab. Clients and licensees of both organizations have seen a significant growth in results for the past several months due to the combination of available knowledge and technology. The growth in the number of algorithms within the Analyzer® ensures a further deepening of analysis results and insights within the purchase-to-pay process. An important consideration for S-DNA was and still is the compliance standard that SpendLab offers in combination with certifications such as ISO 27001; in the near future, the aim of SpendLab is to obtain the SOC 2 certificate, which requires economies of scale. SpendLab works with over 100 data science -and audit professionals worldwide and has a leading position in Recovery audits: identifying and recovering undue payments and improving compliance for organizations.

By sharing knowledge the quality and the results that are achieved for our clients advance continuously. For the clients of S-DNA this means that a certified process will be available and for the clients of SpendLab this means a further deepening and digitization of processes and results. The Analyzer® 2.0 is now ready for you and your organization to use. Transparency, reliability and partnerships will remain the values that are top priority in our cooperation with clients.

Would you like to know more about this collaboration, the projects or the subscription types that we have to offer, then please contact Marsha Martens, account manager at SpendLab, on telephone number +31 (0)6 822 43856. If you have any questions about this press release, then please contact Jos Houben, CEO of SpendLab, via jos.houben@spendlab.com.

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